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Conrad/Worth Fic
Been a while! I'm back, though, with yet more HINABN fic. (Really, what else would I be writing? ^_^)

I know I'm way late jumping onto the ConWorth train (especially with the epic Lamont/Worth storm I feel a'comin' :D), but truth is, I've been trying to write about these two for a while. There are just so many good stories out there already with these two that I really didn't feel like I had anything better to add. This pairing, though, is my favorite. Seriously, every time I come across a new ConWorth fic I practically inhale the damn thing. My OTP for serious. I was finally able to come up with something my brain was interested confident enough to write about, though. Not smut ('cause really, there's no way I could do it better than Spook already does everything she writes is amazing), but, it's still a story where Conrad and Worth feel feelings about stuff.  (Very angry feelings, of course.  And in later installments, at least for Worth, very mind altering activities induced feelings.)  So, all that said (god I ramble!), here we go! What I have so far...

1/?? Conrad/Worth fic
Rating: PG for language
Synopsis: A usual night of verbal sparring between the vampire and doctor turns strange when an unexpected visitor arrives.
Spoilery items!!!: I use Worth's first name in this fic (which I heard during a Tessa Stone livestream and may be spelling all wrong) so if you don't want to know it, don't read this fic!

It is only a matter of time, really, before Conrad runs out of coffee shops. He’d hoped against hope that Worth would tire of pestering him. Yet every new haunt he finds, it takes mere days before he looks up from his laptop and finds himself face to face with the lanky, blond-haired maniac, all leers and crooked smiles and bloodshot eyes. The man is clearly psychotic, that’s the only possible reason the vampire can think of as to why Worth is dogging him with such persistence. Doesn’t the man have anything better to do than follow him around? Christ.

“I swear I must have been a mass murderer in my previous life,” he gripes, wishing desperately he could do more than shoot daggers with his eyes across the café table‘s sleek, reflective surface. “That is the only reason I can think of why I deserve to be inflicted with you, to atone for my atrocities.”

That, of fucking course, just elicits a long braying laugh from the good doctor. “Yer such a flatterer, Princess,” he snickers, “t’say I’m worth so much. Now’er we talkin‘ a couple families worth of atonement? Or like a village? ‘Cause I figure I‘m a city‘s worth at least.”

“That was not meant as a compliment, Worth!” Conrad snaps.

“Well, to each ‘er own I s’pose,” comes the drawled reply, long dirty fingers already rifling through pockets before producing a slightly rumpled cigarette and grime-encrusted lighter.

“Oh for fuck’s sake do not light that in here! Are you trying to get me thrown out of this one as well? Oh, wait, of course you are because you always have to be the world’s biggest asshole. Jesus, I won‘t be able to go any coffee serving establishment in this whole fucking city. I‘ll have to cross state lines.”

Worth cackles and lights up, making sure to blow his first smoky exhalation directly into Conrad’s face.
“Aw, c’mon Peaches. Y’should be thankin’ me. Savin’ ya from hours ‘pon hours of exposure to the dregs ’o the pond-scum a’ yuppiedom. Pfeh, I should be gettin’ a medal or somethin‘.” Another grin and smoke plume are leveled at the bespectacled artist and his patience finally wears through. Another round to Worth, it seems.

“You are such an ass!” the vampire fumes, hurriedly shutting down his laptop and packing his gear away, noticing the angry frown of the piercing encrusted barista glowering at them from behind the counter. He prays he’s not banned from this shop in the future. The atmosphere is so nice and relaxed and really, that would be the second coffee shop this week alone. How is Worth finding him, anyways?

“Leaving so soon, Connie? But we were having such a lov’ly chat!” If it was legal to punch the blond in public by God Conrad would. Right now. Right in the mouth. Maybe if he was lucky, he’d unlodge a tooth or three. Fucking smug bastard prick.

“Fuck you, Worth!” he snarls, slinging the strap of his laptop satchel over his shoulder and storming outside.

The doctor follows, of fucking course he follows, falling into step with the scowling vampire, grinning like a lunatic and edging inappropriately close.

“Where to now, Princess?” he leers. “The night’s young, we’ve got at least a couple hours ‘fore ya gotta scurry away an’ hide.”

“We aren’t going anywhere. You can go wherever you like, as long as it is as far as humanly possible from where I am.”

“What, an’ miss the pleasure a’ yer sparkling company? Ya blood suckers do sparkle now, don’ t’cha?”

Conrad is about to snarl something in response, most likely involving several of his favorite expletives, when Worth’s eyes widen and his steps falter.

“Oh sweet fuck what’s she doin’ here?

Before Conrad can react he’s amazed to find the doctor doing his level best to crouch his six foot something frame behind the much smaller vampire.

“Worth, what the fuck are you-”

“Shhh! Shut up, shutup, shutthefuckup or she’ll hear you.”

“Who-” Conrad’s scans the streets around them. It’s early enough in the night that there’s a decent amount of people still about. After all the time spent hanging around Hanna Cross (not by choice of course) he’s expecting something horrific and terror inducing to be lumbering towards him. Nothing seems out of place, though, nothing unordinary until a small, tentative voice drifts over towards them.


“Awshit!” Worth hisses.

“Luce? Is that, is that you?”

After a moment or so a slight, graceful figure materializes from the crowd. Even in the dim of the streetlights Conrad can tell she’s absolutely without a doubt one of the most beautiful women he’s ever seen outside a movie screen or glossy advertisement. Long, gently curling honey-blond hair framing ethereal blue eyes, full lips not any less ravishing from being drawn down into a worried frown, and this gorgeous creature was heading right towards them. What the fuck?

“It is you! Please Luce, c’mon. Please, I can see you back there.” Conrad can hear Worth (Luce? The fuck?) sigh behind him and senses as the man straightens and steps out from behind him.

“Laura,” the doctor says, expression grim, “what’re ya-”

“Oh thank God!” the woman (Laura?) exclaims, throwing herself into Worth’s arms. “So long, Luce! I’ve been searching you for so long!” Conrad sees tears streaming down her pretty face moments before she presses herself into the front of the lanky blond’s shirt, sobbing. Worth freezes momentarily, pained expression slashing his haggard face, before tentatively wrapping his arms around her.

“Ya shouldn’t have come lookin’, Laura,” he says gruffly.

“How can you say that, Luce? Mom told me you were dead. Dead, Luce. My own brother. I-I knew it was a lie. I can always tell when she’s lying to me and-oh Luce I can’t believe you’re really here…

“Believe I’m here? I’m here? Christ Laura, why the fuck are you here? Ya shouldn’t be, ya know. Shoulda let Ma lie to ya.”

“Bu-but Luce!” Laura pleads, pulling back to look up at her sibling, “didn’t you miss me? At all? After ten years all you can say to me is I shouldn’t be here?” Her lower lip trembles, tears continuing to spill down silently, hands clutching at Worth’s coat sleeves. The pained expression on the doctor’s face is quickly being replaced by what Conrad can only say looks like rage.

“That’s right it’s been ten years, and I’da liked it ta be ten, twenty more! Didya not stop an’ think fer a second that maybe I didn’t want ta be found? Eh?? Goddammit Laura yer not a kid anymore! What, Ma wasn’t good enough company fer ya anymore? Just had ta come a’lookin’ fer yer dear ol’ brother Luce? Who’s worked so fuckin’ hard at forgettin’ ya ever were???

Laura’s really sobbing now, heedless of the crowd that’s been gathering around the little scene. Conrad is frozen in place, unsure of how to extricate himself from the unfolding drama. Worth is glaring like a madman, breath panting from him wildly, body tensed and practically shaking.

“L-lu-uce p-please I wu-w-was wu-wu-worried ab-*hic*-bout you!”

“Fuck this an’ fuck you!!! I don’ need anyone ta worry ‘bout me! I don’ want anyone to! S’pecially not you!!!” With that the doctor turns and flees, snarling at the surrounding crowd and escaping into the night.

LUCE!!!” Laura shrieks after him, following after him a few steps before crumpling to the ground sobbing. It’s this that finally spurs Conrad to action. Not that he wants to get involved in whatever mess the Worth family is obviously entangled in, but no one deserves this type of humiliation to occur publicly. He crouches next to the crying woman (“Laura,” he reminds himself), gingerly laying a comforting hand on her heaving back and glares at the bystanders.

“Alright assholes, show’s over. Move on now.” A few people in the crowd eye each other shuffle around, clearly waiting for something else to happen. “I fucking said to move on what are you deaf??” the vampire snarls, trying his best to look as intimidating as possible.

Finally, convinced the entertainment’s over, the people begin to disperse, leaving Conrad to console a distraught stranger.

And that's what I've got so far! I hate to leave it in such a downer spot, but, well, that's all I was able to make myself sit down and write. I'll make up for it later, though, promise. Everything's gonna be sunshine and rainbows in the end! (Well, maybe not sunshine, 'cause Conrad would burn to death. And not rainbows, 'cause Worth and rainbows just seem diametrically opposed. Maybe, like, a dingy, blood spattered rainbow. In the dark. With, like, scalpels and hypodermic needles. Yeah, something like that. Happy stuff, right? O_o Okay, I'll just stop now.)

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Need. A. Continue. OwO

I love your Worth and your Conrad, SOO in chara <3 And I wanna know what will happend next :D

Absolutely looking forward to reading the rest of this. :D

Go Conrad. :D I enjoy how he is in this story!

(especially with the epic Lamont/Worth storm I feel a'comin' :D) Oh dear. I'm all for an OT3 or something.

I'm not sure whether to scream at Worth for being a dick or cheering Conrad for growing some balls (tiny ones, but they're there).

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